Our Story

Established in 2013, Senturion’s decade-long history has seen it evolve from a concept that scientists said couldn’t be done to several generations of product featuring world-leading technology patented in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe. Today, Senturion is the only watch in the world that can be synchronised to your entire collection of supercars. Find out more about our journey and ground-breaking Senturion technology.

Cutting Edge Technology

Outstanding Execution

Every Senturion piece is born from fusion of exceptional craftsmanship of our master jewellers with advanced technology from our world-leading engineering experts. From every custom S-blade screw to setting of flawless stones or integration of some of the most complex micro-circuitry components into our statement pieces, our team carries out every step of the process meticulously and to the to the highest standard. Parts are finished to the precision of one-thousandth of a millimetre by five-axis computer numerical control (CNC), while clasps undergo PDV-coating in an ultra-high vacuum chamber using the technique applied to Formula 1 pistons, to create high tolerance micro parts.

Precision Craftmanship

Supercar Syncronisation

From the time of its foundation to the present day, Senturion has been and continues to be the world’s first and only creator of a one-of-a-kind luxury wristwear that is capable of synchronising with various supercars from luxury car brand manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti and AMG. Previously limited to one supercar per one Senturion limited edition piece, the new collection features timepieces that are capable of synchronisation with a supercar collector’s entire stable. Supercar functionality is operated via the signature Senturion #RedButton.

Alien Aesthetics

Senturion pieces from the special collectors’ series feature asteroid cores with an extra-terrestrial pattern called the Widmanstätten etch, which is only achievable by billions of years of cooling at zero kelvin in space and cannot be replicated by man. The particular meteorite piece used by Senturion has travelled the universe for an estimated 4.9 billion years, which makes it older than the Earth itself. Senturion proudly features the most complex meteorite core structure produced in the world to date and our engineers involved in the meteorite machining process involving underwater spark erosion and chemical etching are world experts in working with such a rare and spectacular material.

Made in Britain

Senturion is a British company, with its flagship showroom in Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London. Our watches feature a combination of the best movements that Switzerland have to offer with the precision engineering and technology that Britain is famous for. Every one of our products has been designed in Britain and put together in a process that involves over 70 hours of production and inspection by our entirely British-based assembly line.

Proudly worn worldwide

Senturion statement pieces have been proudly worn on the wrists of our clients worldwide for a decade. From heads of state and dignitaries, world champions and outstanding athletes, music stars, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, what unites them all is a strive for excellence, refusal to settle for anything but the best and a passion for finding unique pieces that speak to their individual style and set them apart. 

Pictured: Usain Bolt wearing the inaugural M1 meteorite Senturion in 2015


Senturion Craftsmanship

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